Settlement & commercial areas Bald verfügbar: Gewerbe- und Energiepark in Seeth


  • Location

    B 202, 25878 Seeth, Schleswig-Holstein Deutschland

  • Purchase price per sqm

    Preis in Klärung

  • Grundflächenzahl


  • Development status

    Development in preparation

  • Trade tax rate

    340 %

  • Exposé no.

  • Land area

    94.030 m²

  • Buildable according to

    Bebauungsplan 4

  • Building use

    Industrial estate (GE)


The former Stapelholm barracks are located on the outskirts of the municipality of Seeth. The industrial estate on it is directly connected to the B 202. The B 202 leads in a westerly direction directly onto the B 5 after 10 km. The B 5 is the main north-south connection axis along the west coast of Schleswig-Holstein. To the northwest, Husum (22 km) can be reached quickly via the B 5. Heide (28 km), Itzehoe (70 km), Brunsbüttel (75 km) and Hamburg (115 km) are also easily accessible to the south via the B 5 / A 23. The town of Rendsburg is also located on the B 202. From here, take the A 210 to the A 7 to continue to Neumünster and Lübeck and then take the A 210 directly to the state capital Kiel after a total of 74 km. The A 7 highway to Scandinavia or Hamburg is around 32 km away (Schleswig/Jagel junction). Flensburg is 68 km away via this connection.

The nearest train station is in Friedrichstadt (approx. 6 minutes away by car). From there, trains travel via the Marschbahn towards Hamburg and the island of Sylt. The location has three ports in the immediate vicinity (Husum, Büsum, Brunsbüttel) as well as numerous airports (Sylt, HH, FL, Billund (DK)). The town of Friedrichstadt is a good place to live. The region has good access to universities, scientific institutions and further education facilities on the west coast as well as in Flensburg and Kiel.

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The municipality of Seeth has developed a “business and energy park” on the site of the former Stapelholm barracks – in the eastern and southern areas – on an area of just under 10 hectares. For the area distribution, see the attached overview/map. The industrial estate is mainly home to halls and shelters. Some of the halls are in very good condition and are ideal for commercial use. Some of the particularly well-preserved halls even have 20-ton overhead cranes. The building occupancy can be found in the general overview. Buildings not listed must be demolished. A building plan is attached. The areas in the business and energy park offer numerous possibilities and are supplied with 100% green electricity. In the future, companies are to be supplied with low-cost electricity via an area network, in some cases also via their own power plants. In order to achieve a high degree of self-sufficiency, an energy partnership between the companies settling here is encouraged. In principle, the designated properties are put up for sale. Subdivisions within the areas or the merging of plots may be possible after a review.

  • Areas 1 and 2 are occupied.
  • Areas 3 and 4 are particularly suitable for local/regional players. However, if there is interest, marketing to a supra-regional interested party would also be feasible.

Plots 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10 could be of particular interest to supra-regional investors.

  • Area 5: 1.21 ha and Hall 44 in good condition (see building catalog). Hall 50 would have to be demolished. Space for storage space and new buildings.
  • Area 6: 2.1 ha and three high-grade halls (74, 75, 76). Ideal for a forwarding agency or similar.
  • Area 7: 1.4 ha with 2 halls (72 + 73). Two buildings in the rear area would have to be demolished. Space for storage space and new buildings.
  • Area 8: 1.4 ha with a very valuable hall incl. Loading ramp and ring road for handling traffic around the hall. A production hall would be conceivable here.
  • Area 9: 0.3 ha with an administration/office building. Due to the close proximity, marketing with plot 8 or 9 would also be conceivable.
  • Area 10: 0.4 ha with a building in the shell. It was to be a medical center/doctor’s building. Degree of completion 80%. Construction was suddenly demolished in 2015 when it became clear that the site would be abandoned. The shell is finished and in good to very good condition overall. Inside, the screed and interior fittings are missing. Completion would be feasible without any problems and also attractive given the low purchase price. The building could be used as an administration building or similar. It would certainly make sense to sell this building as a package with another property to an investor.

The local authorities are looking for companies that create jobs, bring added value to the region and generate business tax revenue. Settlement projects that are aimed at warehousing and only create a few jobs are expressly not desired. Retail trade is also largely excluded. Please refrain from inquiries.

Target sectors under the above conditions are: Production / processing / manufacturing, forwarding / logistics services, trade / construction, technical or industry-related services, office-based services (company administration / sales / finance / marketing etc.), data centers / IT infrastructure

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Development status

Development is scheduled to take place in the course of 2024, meaning that construction is expected to begin in 2025.

A purchase price is not yet available.

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Information on buildability

For all buildings that are preserved and not demolished, the approval of the building supervisory authority of the district of Nordfriesland will be required for their civil re-use by means of a conversion application, which must be obtained by the buyer. Structural analysis documents must be prepared.

Due to the possible subsequent use, which does not have to provide for heating of the buildings,
energy certificates – if required – will be applied for at a later date.
The intended use must first be clearly established.

The development is in accordance with the B-Plan 4 of the municipality of Seeth: GRZ = 0.6 / BMZ = 10.0 and top up to 28m above sea level/a. Retail trade and wholesale trade with a retail-like sales structure are not permitted (exceptionally max. 10 % up to max. 250 sqm sales area per business). This does not apply to the agricultural machinery trade or trade in agricultural products. In the commercial area, the permitted building height may be exceeded as an exception for technical structures such as chimneys and ventilation systems. Buildings with a maximum length of 120m are permitted provided that the lateral boundary distance is maintained. The provisions of the development plan must be observed for all areas in B-Plan 4.

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  • Target sectors under the above conditions are: Production / processing / manufacturing, freight forwarding / logistics services, trade / construction, technical or industry-related services, office-based services (company administration / sales / finance / marketing etc.), data centers / IT infrastructure
  • The information given in this exposé about the property is based on the information and documents provided by the owner.
  • The services of Wirtschaftsförderungsgesellschaft Nordfriesland are non-binding and free of charge for buyers and sellers.
  • Business investment projects can be subsidized under certain conditions – please contact us.
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