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City bet with the frieze network

Until the crocus blossom festival on 18. and March 19 is the deadline: by then, the frieze network should have 30 new members. Husum’s mayor Martin Kindl has made a bet against it – if he succeeds, he will have to recite a poem by Theodor Storm in public during the Crocus Blossom Festival. If it does not succeed, Ole Singelmann from Commerzium Husum and Alexandra Engelbrecht from Wirtschaftsförderung Nordfriesland (WFG NF) will personally go from door to door until the target is reached.

What do companies gain from the frieze network?

“The Friesennetz is a joint online platform for tradespeople in North Friesland. You can use it to sell clothes or car spare parts online, offer appointment bookings or job advertisements or advertise events,” explains Alexandra Engelbrecht. As project manager at WFG NF, she initiated the collaboration between the Frisian network and the retail campaign “From here? I like!” campaign and supports businesses in setting up their profile on the online platform. “No business can do without visibility on the internet. The frieze network is the digital shop window for retailers and service providers in the region. Stores and the online platform strengthen each other.”


The Friesennetz is run by HGV Nordfriesland GmbH, a company comprising a total of eight trade and business associations, including the Commerzium of the city of Husum.


Who wants to catch customers with the frieze net – and hear the mayor recite a poem at the crocus blossom festival? Simply contact Alexandra Engelbrecht (WFG NF, 04841 6685-28) or Rieke Thomsen (HGV Nordfriesland, 0173 7508917).