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Do you want to develop professionally? Take advantage of our free, provider-neutral consulting services on training and further education measures as well as financing options.

Our employees provide provider-neutral information about regional offers.

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Are you looking for new skilled workers or would you like to strengthen and train your existing employees? Would you like to discuss current developments and challenges in securing skilled workers?

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As part of the “Küste sucht Könner” campaign, we support our regional companies in recruiting skilled workers and show our favorite state as it is: innovative, progressive, family-friendly and worth living in.

A region with a future for everyone.

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Tilmann Meyer

Tilmann Meyer

Authorized signatory, Regional development, Company service

Qualification for employees and network for providers

Well-trained specialists are a decisive economic factor for the region. NordNetz Bildung is aimed on the one hand at employees seeking qualifications and at companies and businesses that want to train their employees, and on the other hand at further education providers in the North Friesland – Schleswig – Flensburg regions.

NordNetz Bildung is one of five nationwide contact points for lifelong learning and offers employees advice on vocational qualifications and information on other support measures.

As a provider of qualification measures, you can join the strong regional network of trainers.

Read more about these offers on the NordNetz Bildung website.


Christina König

Further training advice, NordNetz Education

Lena Pauls

Further training advice, NordNetz Education

“Praktikum Westküste” brings together companies and prospective skilled workers from the four West Coast districts of Nordfriesland, Dithmarschen, Steinburg and Pinneberg.

At www.prakt, companies that are willing to take on interns can post their company profiles free of charge and school pupils or students can also look for internships.

Positions for the Voluntary Social, Ecological and Cultural Year or the Federal Voluntary Service are also offered here.

Since 2020, further regional providers have been established along the lines of “Praktikum Westküste”: In 2020, the platform www.praktikum-rendsburg-eckernfö was founded for the district of Rendsburg-Eckernförde and in 2021 the platform for the districts of Segeberg, Ostholstein, Herzogtum Lauenburg and the independent city of Lübeck.


Stefanie Goelling

Regional Marketing, Internship West Coast

The Business DE-DK project aims to meet the cooperative challenges in the northern German and southern Danish border region.

The Business DE-DK project aims to help counteract the labor shortage in the border region, promote economic cooperation and create a more visible and attractive border region for current and future generations of employers and job seekers from all over the world.

We need to become much better at cooperating and coordinating between companies, institutions and initiatives in the border region in order to improve cross-border economic cooperation and thereby strengthen cross-border added value for the region’s economy and citizens.

The aim of Business DE-DK is

to collect data and create a better overview of the many opportunities, needs and measures in the border region. We would like to reach out to the organizations, initiatives, politicians, etc. in the region and investigate what measures are being taken to promote economic cooperation in the border region and what data and information is needed. These results and the information sought are communicated and made freely accessible to all via an ambitious media channel.

Within the framework of Business DE-DK, a cross-border economic network of business people, business consultants, professors and others interested in cross-border economic cooperation will be established. The network offers the opportunity to share knowledge, network and initiate cooperation and business.

The project is also investigating how a cross-border economic council could function. A council made up of influential business people from across the border region to discuss the economy of the border region, identify the biggest challenges and hopefully contribute to the solutions.

Business DE-DK is financed by Interreg Germany-Denmark, with funding from the European Regional Development Fund. Find out more about Interreg Germany-Denmark under this link.

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Katja Rosenburg

Renewable energies, Business DE/DK, Climate-neutral economy NF" (KliWi NF)

The Interreg project “Health Education in the Border Region” aims to create a common approach to establishing cross-border health education in the fields of nursing and obstetrics.

Details will follow.


Martina Carstensen

Renewable energies, Biogas Knowledge Center, Health Education in the Border Region