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Coworking spaces in North Friesland

Coworking is becoming increasingly popular in your favorite country. But what is it anyway, who is it for and where is it offered? Questions upon questions, which we will be happy to answer.

Office life with a difference.

Coworking means “working together” and refers to a flexible workplace that several people share.

This new way of working is particularly popular with the self-employed, start-ups and students. But other companies are also increasingly acquiring a taste for it.

There are four cool coworking spaces in North Friesland! The

North Frisian Innovation Center (NIC)

in Niebüll and MINDSPOT
in St. Peter-Ording
offer conference and seminar rooms in addition to a modern desk in an open-plan office. It doesn’t matter how big or small a company is. Start-ups also have the opportunity to rent office space in the NIC on a longer-term basis.

Flexible office workstations can also be booked at Project Bay in Rantum on Sylt and at the Christian Jensen Kolleg in Breklum. The latter coworking space also offers rooms for meetings and events.

Sharing with other offices? We have summarized the biggest benefits for you:

  • You can really concentrate on your business and be productive
  • You can exchange ideas with other self-employed people, start-ups and companies and inspire each other
  • You have the opportunity to build up a large network
  • You save the cost of expensive office rents
  • You benefit from the existing and professional infrastructure
  • You have flexible working hours and don’t have to commute to the big city

So, what are you waiting for? Take a look for yourself! Or: Feel free to tell others.

You can also find more information about living and working in North Friesland at

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