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Internship West Coast now with Franziska Rieve

Franziska Rieve is the new project manager of the West Coast Internship Portal, which offers companies low-threshold access to school students on the West Coast. The entry is free of charge! Franziska, how does the portal work?

What advantages does the portal offer companies?

Franziska: “Praktikum Westküste offers companies good access to pupils on the West Coast. The platform is operated by the four West Coast districts of Nordfriesland, Dithmarschen, Steinburg and Pinneberg and is the largest database for internships in Schleswig-Holstein. The entry is free of charge for the company.

In addition, the entries are designed in such a way that the companies can show their general willingness to take on interns and do not have to enter individual internship positions for specific periods. This makes the entries usable in the long term.”

Why does it make sense to offer internships?

Many teenagers and young people have their first contact with the world of work through an internship. This helps them to find the right path for them from the multitude of possibilities. Companies, on the other hand, can use internships as a form of recruitment for new trainees. In this way, they consolidate their place in society and actively contribute to the local economy.

How do I register?

Companies can register directly via the platform(https://www.praktikum-westkü After successful registration and verification by the employees, the contribution will be activated. You are also welcome to fill out and sign the form below or send an informal e-mail to In general, if you have any questions, you can contact our employees at any time. The special thing about Praktikum Westküste is the personal support provided by the companies.

Are you making a commitment?

There is of course the option of deleting your own contribution or pausing it for a certain period of time. All you need to do is send a short message to the contact person from your own circle.

But of course you should feel obliged to carry out internships and offer young people new experiences. We also consider it a matter of course that interns are treated with respect in the company, regardless of gender, race, limitations or other characteristics.