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New lamb majesties for North Friesland

The Viöl farmers’ market is popular with young and old. It took place on June 4 in beautiful open-air summer weather and was held under the motto “Komen, Kieken, Wohlföhlen”.

A highlight of the farmers’ market was the proclamation of the new lamb regents for North Friesland.

Mareike Brümmer rises to become the new Lamb Queen

The choice of queen was no surprise, as traditionally the lamb princess ascends to become the new regent and so Mareike Brümmer was presented with the crown by the outgoing lamb queen Hanna Dose. 24-year-old Mareike lives in Bordelum and grew up in the big city of Hamburg. She was a frequent visitor to Moin Lieblingsland because of her relatives in North Friesland. At the age of 16, she made the decision to move the center of her life to the far north and completed an apprenticeship as a farmer, spending her third year of training on a sheep farm. Mareike is also a trained educator and keeps 6 ewes as a hobby. She loves her adopted country and occasionally milks on a farm in her spare time.

Melina Friedrichsen is the new lamb princess

The announcement of the new lamb princess was awaited with great excitement, as there were several candidates. District President Manfred Ueckermann, the patron of the campaign, finally announced that Melina Friedrichsen would be the new princess.

She is 22 years old and lives on a dairy farm in Horstedt. Her grandfather was the 1st chairman of the farmers’ association and is the dyke count of the Porrenkoog. As a result, Melina has always had a close connection to agriculture and the region. She has loved sheep since she was a child and thinks it is important to raise awareness of the importance of sheep for coastal protection in North Friesland. She completed a shortened apprenticeship as a farmer and is currently studying agricultural economics in the first semester in Osterrönfeld.

The Nordfrieslamm project

The Nordfrieslamm project of the Nordfriesland business development agency has the task of making people “excited about the region” and creates awareness of the economic and cultural importance of sheep in Moin Lieblingsland. You can find out about all current activities via the Instagram channel and the website Perhaps you would like to experience the lamb regents live at one of the next events in North Friesland!

Contact us and become a member

If you would like to become the next Lamb Majesty, you can find all the information you need to apply here – men are also welcome to apply! Do you have questions about the project, would you like to become a project partner or a member of the association? Then get in touch with Franzi, our Nordfrieslamm project manager.


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