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Regional marketing project "Nordfrieslamm" at the "Green Week"

Regional marketing project "Nordfrieslamm" at the "Günen Woche"

Our regional marketing project “Nordfrieslamm” was a guest at the “Green Week” in January. To raise awareness of our Deichlamm cultural asset and present the work of our project, the lamb majesties Hanna and Mareike traveled to the capital accompanied by Heike Marit, the first chairwoman of the association, and our Nordfrieslamm project manager Franziska.

In the Bundestag

First, they were allowed to pay a visit to “our” woman in the Bundestag, Astrid Damerow. Thank you very much for the invitation! At the trade fair, visitors showed great interest in our project. Franziska: “The conversations between the majesties were funny, informative, appreciative and also critical. All in all, a great enrichment for the whole team and the project.”


The aim of the regional marketing campaign “Nordfrieslamm” is to make the dyke sheep and its indispensable use on the dykes around the North Sea and its “typically North Frisian” friendly nature better known and to give it (again) more appreciation. The project of Wirtschaftsförderungsgesellschaft Nordfriesland mbH involves sheep farms, dairies, farm stores and restaurants in the region. In this way, the regional “sheep” suppliers can promote the common cause and support each other when it comes to marketing the diverse products of the woolly dyke dwellers.

The North Frisians discovered the inestimable value of lambs for dyke maintenance and coastal protection as long as 100 years ago. The lambs provide meat, milk, wool, hides, fat and leather – sheep and lambs are particularly versatile livestock. They also maintain our dykes. The lambs compact the dykes with their hooves and thus actively contribute to coastal protection.


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