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Digital Network DiWiSH e. V.

WFG NF on the board of the digital network DiWiSH e. V.

The Digital Economy Cluster Schleswig-Holstein (DiWiSH) is the state-supported network of the IT, media and design industry in Schleswig-Holstein. It is supported and co-financed by DiWiSH e. V.. The association has the non-profit purpose of strengthening Schleswig-Holstein as a technology location, promoting the establishment and expansion of small and medium-sized companies in the technology sector and thereby creating more jobs in Schleswig-Holstein.

Anja Kujawski and Tilmann Meyer from WFG NF recently joined the DiWiSH e. V. board. They want to give companies and self-employed people on the west coast a voice and ensure more contact between the different parts of the country.

Anyone interested in becoming a member can find out more on the DiWiSH website or contact the new Board members directly at or