Settlement & commercial areas Gewerbegebiet "Green Datacenter Park" (günstige Energie!)


  • Location

    Klixbüller Chaussee, 25917 Leck, Schleswig-Holstein Deutschland

  • Purchase price per sqm

    30 €/m²

  • Grundflächenzahl


  • Development status

    Fully developed from the end of 2024/beginning of 2025

  • Trade tax rate

    380 %

  • Exposé no.

  • Land area

    92.000 m²

  • Buildable according to

    Bebauungsplan 52

  • Building use

    Special area (SO) with the purpose "Data center / IT infrastructure"


The areas are located on a former Bundeswehr site – the former NATO airfield in Leck. The commercial site is located on the outskirts of Leck directly on the B199, the main road from Flensburg to the North Sea. The North Sea is approx. 20 km from Leck. The nearest train station is in Niebüll (approx. 10 minutes away). From there, the train departs for Hamburg and the island of Sylt. The A 7 highway to Scandinavia or Hamburg is around 27 km away (Flensburg junction). The B 5 also runs south of Leck. It is the main north-south axis along the west coast of Schleswig-Holstein and leads south to the A 23. Leck is therefore also very well connected to the Heide region and Hamburg. The location has three ports in the immediate vicinity (Husum, Flensburg, Büsum) as well as numerous airports (Sylt, HH, FL, Billund (DK)). In addition, the former NATO airfield is still a special landing site for air traffic and has an aviation permit. Leck also has good access to universities, scientific institutions and further education facilities on the west coast.

The municipality of Leck is located in North Friesland, in Germany’s largest energy transition region, on the “bridge” to Scandinavia, just 15 km from the Danish border, 80 km from Heide and 180 km from Hamburg. It has around 7,900 inhabitants and approx. 300 retail, commercial and service businesses. Leck is well connected to the cities of Niebüll (15 min), Husum (40 min) and Flensburg (45 min) and on the Danish side to Tøndern (25 min), Sonderburg (60 min) and Esbjerg (90 min). Leck has numerous shopping facilities and many leisure activities in a top vacation area (including hiking, cycling, excursions to the sea and to the islands/Halligen).

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The municipality of Leck has developed the “Green Datacenter Park” and the “Green Business Park” on the former NATO airfield in Leck. This exposé addresses the Green Datacenter Park. Click here for the Green Business Park.

The Green Datacenter Park is aimed at IT infrastructure companies as well as data storage and data processing companies (collocation, cloud). A total of 92,000 square meters (9.2 ha) of SO space is available (only area 1; area 2 is occupied). See the attached overview/map for the area distribution. Areas 1 and 2 are part of B-Plan 52. Note: The GE area designated in B-Plan 52 (directly adjacent to the B 199) is being marketed as part of the Green Business Park (exposé no. 2dkq658). Plots can be freely parceled out, but the marketability of the remaining area must be guaranteed.

The area in this special zone is characterized by the fact that it is supplied with 100% local green electricity and, in accordance with KRITIS guidelines is also self-sufficient over a longer period of time. The area is also connected to a 100% renewable heating network. This means that heat can also be extracted from the data center. Low and stable electricity costs (8-10 ct/kWh, depending on operation, including all charges and levies until 2040) can be achieved with the help of the highly self-sufficient renewable electricity supply. By accessing the Energy Cloud (or setting up your own), storage is also possible on a seasonal basis and allows fail-safes of several weeks even without the public grid. The public network is connected redundantly (n-1). The existing energy concept can be flexibly adapted to your requirements, even for highly critical applications.

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Development status

The plots will be offered fully developed from the end of 2024/beginning of 2025. The development will take place in the course of 2024, so that construction is expected to begin in 2025.

The purchase price includes: Development contribution for the land and infrastructure (roads/paths as well as waste water, rainwater, fresh water).

There are also notary fees, land transfer tax, connection costs and surveying costs. There are also additional costs for the fiber optic connection and the heat supply.

Information on buildability

The development is in accordance with development plan no. 52 of the municipality of Leck. The areas in the development plan are designated as a special area (SO) with the purpose of “data center / IT infrastructure” and are primarily used to accommodate projects in connection with use as a data center and for data processing with the construction of renewable energy generation plants.

Permitted are:

– buildings, technical facilities and ancillary facilities in connection with commercial uses and services for data backup and data processing as well as IT services.

  • Office and administration building,
  • Parking spaces, garages and parking buildings,
  • Solar systems on building roofs.

Exceptionally, this may be permitted:

  • Stand-alone solar installations, insofar as they serve to supply the area,
  • Dwellings for supervisory and on-call staff as well as for company owners and managers that are assigned to the commercial enterprise and are subordinate to it in terms of floor area and building mass.

GRZ = 0.5 / BMZ = 10.0 and top up to 37m above sea level. The permissible construction height may be exceeded by exceptional cases for technical superstructures such as chimneys and ventilation systems. Buildings with a maximum length of 120m are permitted provided that the lateral boundary distance is maintained. The provisions of the development plan must be observed for all areas in B-Plan 52.

Floor plan and documents

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  • This offer applies preferably to manufacturing companies from sectors that comply with the funding guidelines of the “Joint Task for the Improvement of Regional Economic Structures” (GRW) in order to maintain jobs and secure added value in the region.
  • The information given in this exposé about the property is based on the information and documents provided by the owner.
  • The services of Wirtschaftsförderungsgesellschaft Nordfriesland are non-binding and free of charge for buyers and sellers.
  • Business investment projects can be subsidized under certain conditions – please contact us.
  • You can also find an overview of our commercial properties on Immowelt.

Regional financing partners

Profilbild Björn Fischer

VR Bank Nord Björn Fischer

Head of Corporate Clients North Friesland for the Niebüll, Bredstedt, Süderlügum, Leck area

Profilbild Ocke Rickertsen

VR Bank Westküste Ocke Rickertsen

Head of Corporate Clients North Friesland for the Husum, Viöl and Sankt Peter Ording area

Profilbild Marcus Utech

Nord-Ostsee Sparkasse Marcus Utech

Head of Corporate Clients North Friesland