Settlement & commercial areas Industrial estate in Tönning (west extension)


  • Location

    Ziegelhofring, 25832 Tönning, Schleswig-Holstein Germany

  • Purchase price per sqm

    37,70 €/m²

  • Grundflächenzahl


  • Development status

    fully developed

  • Trade tax rate

    360 %

  • Exposé no.

  • Land area

    11.000 m²

  • Buildable according to

    B-Plan 26

  • Building use

    Industrial estate (GE)


The site is located in the west of the town of Tönning on Gardinger Chaussee with direct access to the B 202. The B 202 is the main west-east axis from Eiderstedt on the west coast to Rendsburg on the A 7. In Tönning, the B 202 meets the B 5. The B 5 is the access axis along the west coast of Schleswig-Holstein and leads south to Heide, where it becomes the A 23. The A 23 is an efficient link directly to Hamburg. To the north, the B 5 leads via Husum, Niebüll and Tondern (DK) to Esbjerg (DK). The A 7 highway to Scandinavia or Hamburg is around 50 km away (Owschlag junction). Tönning has a train station. The location has two commercial ports in its immediate vicinity – the commercial port in Husum and the port of Büsum – as well as three airports (Sylt, Hamburg, Billund (DK)). Tönning also has good access to universities, scientific institutions and further education facilities on the west coast.

The distance to Heide is 20 km, to Husum 25 km and to Hamburg approx. 110 km. It is 80 km to the Danish border. Tönning is a sub-center with the partial function of a medium-sized center and performs important tasks as a supply and development center not only for the inhabitants of the city, but also for the surrounding communities. The town has an area of approx. 45 km² and a population of around 4,900 people. The economic structure is characterized by medium-sized companies. Tönning is home to nationally active industrial companies and numerous craft businesses. Tourism also plays an important role. Tönning is characterized by a special quality of life and living. The distance to Sankt Peter-Ording (SPO) is 22 km. SPO is one of the top tourist locations in Schleswig-Holstein and has extensive bathing beaches – a unique feature along the entire west coast.

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The expansion of the western industrial estate on Gardinger Chaussee (B-Plan 26) covers an area of approx. 11 ha. The new commercial premises are conveniently located on Gardinger Chaussee in the immediate vicinity of the B 202 and B5. The industrial estate is divided into 10 sub-areas. The size of the sub-areas varies. The plots can basically be freely parceled out within the sub-development areas, but the marketability of the remaining area must be guaranteed. Let us know your parceling requirements and we will check the feasibility. The industrial estate covers a total area of around 110,000 square meters. For orientation see overview. A reservation plan is also attached. As this is subject to a certain dynamic, simply contact us. We clarify whether your desired property is still available or available again. If not, we will try to find another solution for you.

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Development status

The plots are offered fully developed – incl. Fiber optics. There are immediate building rights.

Information on buildability

Can be built on immediately with planning permission. The development will be carried out in accordance with development plan no. 26 of the city of Tönning (see annex).

GRZ 0.8 | GFZ 1.6 | max. Ridge height 11-16 m above sea level NN | max. Eaves height 8-13 m above ground level NN | Ground level 1 m above sea level NN

All types of commercial enterprises and public businesses, commercial, office and administrative buildings, petrol stations and facilities for sporting purposes are permitted. As an exception, facilities for religious, cultural, social and health purposes as well as entertainment venues may also be permitted.

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