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"I am happy to support the business processes in the background with structure and enthusiasm for figures."

Andrea Brockmann

Assistant to the management | Accounting

"Chatting, doing, learning - across the German-Danish border."

Anja Kujawski

Innovation & digital economy | ARTEMIS

"My focus is on every consulting client and their training needs."

Christina König

Further training advice | NordNetz Bildung

"Working together - for people, the economy & a sustainable region."

Dagmar Jensen

DE-DK cooperation | Sustainability | GrønBusiness

"I will be happy to support you at any time in your settlement project in North Frisia."

Dr. Jerome Stuck

Settlement & commercial space management

"Developing North Friesland is close to my heart."

Dr. Matthias Hüppauff

Management | Business DE/DK | Subsidies

"Start-ups and pioneering technologies are my focus."

Jan-Christian Mahrt

UAM-InnoRegion-SH | Business

"My goal: to give innovative, fresh ideas for the North a boost!"

Jens Heitmann


"I like working with people, so HR management is exactly my thing."

Jutta Kroll

Personnel administration | Team assistance

"I use my passion for North Friesland in regional marketing."

Katja Clausen

Regional Marketing

"My heart beats for North Friesland and renewables!"

Katja Rosenburg

Renewable energies | Business DE/DK | Climate-neutral economy NF" (KliWi NF)

"Our future is renewable: I want to make a difference. MAKE is my motto."

Kirsten Voss

Energy coast

"Focus: Sustainable solutions to make our region fit for the future with renewable energies."

Martina Carstensen

Renewable energies | Biogas Knowledge Center | Health Education in the Border Region

Tilmann Meyer

Promotion with vision: I stand for a dynamic North Frisia!

Tilmann Meyer

Authorized signatory | Regional development | Company service

"Lifelong learning and your professional development are the focus of my work."

Lena Pauls

Further training advice | NordNetz Bildung

The INTERREG6A project aims to increase the economic growth and competitiveness of SMEs – and the program region itself – through greater innovative strength.

The focus is on topics such as digitalization, automation and sustainability. SMEs in the German-Danish border region face a variety of challenges in these areas.

It is important to use the innovative capacity and opportunities offered by digitalization in order not to fall behind on the necessary path to sustainability and climate neutrality.



  • In practical terms, the first step is to determine a company’s requirements.
  • The ARTEMIS team then develops a concept for the individual company challenge and puts together a team of students to work on a solution. This mobilizes cross-border potential and synergies for innovation and knowledge transfer.
  • Creative and innovative solutions are thus developed free of charge for the companies.

In addition, the project is building a permanent cross-border network of stakeholders in order to optimally support the innovative capacity of companies and improve the intercultural climate. Partners from both sides of the border are involved in each initiative.


Anja Kujawski

Innovation & digital economy, ARTEMIS