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State supports companies in the energy crisis

Since November 1, the state of Schleswig-Holstein has made a fund available to relieve small and medium-sized companies in the energy crisis. The Mittelstandssicherungsfonds Energie can be applied for as a loan via the house banks. This makes Schleswig-Holstein the first federal state to launch its own loan program.

Who can receive the grant?

A total of 200 million euros is available for companies that have fallen on hard times due to the rise in energy prices and would not be able to obtain a loan from their bank. Energy costs must have amounted to at least three percent of total sales in the last financial year and must have at least doubled between November 2022 and October 2023 compared to the last completed financial year.

How much funding is available?

The subsidy amount is based on the amount of energy costs that the company in question has to pay in comparison to the last completed financial year. The maximum subsidy is a quadrupling of the costs. In addition, the loan amount may not exceed one quarter of the total turnover of the last financial year to which the loan relates. Companies can apply for between 15,000 and a maximum of 750,000 euros, start-ups a maximum of 500,000 euros. The amount of the loan also depends on the creditworthiness and any de minimis aid previously granted to the company. A maximum of one application per company may be approved under the funding program. Subsequent financing is excluded.

How can the application be submitted?

Applications can only be submitted to IB.SH via the house bank. To do this, the house bank sends the application to IB.SH’s central e-mail address. The loan program is designed to supplement federal measures, which must always be applied for as a priority.

Further information and application documents

All details can be found on the Investitionsbank Schleswig-Holstein website. The contact persons for the house banks and companies are also listed here.