Settlement & commercial areas Industrial estate in Husum (east expansion/Lehmkuhlen)


  • Location

    Schleswiger Chaussee, 25813 Husum, Schleswig-Holstein Germany

  • Purchase price per sqm

    from 59,17 €/m²

  • Grundflächenzahl


  • Development status

    fully developed

  • Trade tax rate

    410 %

  • Exposé no.

  • Land area

    32.565 m²

  • Buildable according to

    Development plan 99

  • Building use

    Commercial area (GE) and mixed-use area (MI)


The sites are located in the east of the town of Husum directly on the B 5. The B 5 is the main north-south axis along the west coast of Schleswig-Holstein and runs south via Tönning to Heide, where it becomes the A 23. The A 23 is an efficient link directly to Hamburg. To the north, the B 5 leads via Niebüll and Tondern (DK) to Esbjerg (DK). In addition, the B 200 connects Husum directly to the regional center of Flensburg. The A 7 highway to Scandinavia or Hamburg is around 32 km away (Schuby junction). Husum has an IC train station on the Hamburg – Westerland line. The location has three ports in its immediate vicinity – the commercial port in Husum itself, the port of Flensburg and the port of Büsum – as well as three airports (Sylt, Hamburg, Billund (DK)). Husum also has good access to universities, scientific institutions and further education facilities on the west coast as well as Flensburg and Kiel. Local public transport: Regional bus routes to the surrounding area, Flensburg, Schleswig and Niebüll. City bus: HusumBus (timetable:

The distance to the Danish border is only 50 km, to Heide 40 km and to Hamburg approx. 140 km. Husum is the political center of the district of Nordfriesland. The city is located directly on the North Sea and has the largest commercial port in North Friesland and is one of the top 10 ports in Schleswig-Holstein in terms of throughput. The city has an area of approx. 26 km² and a population of around 24,000 people. Husum is a medium-sized center in the region. The city is an important business location in the region. Important economic sectors include tourism, the food industry, mechanical engineering and renewable energies. Husum has numerous shopping facilities and many leisure activities.

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The city of Husum has developed commercial areas for the area south of Engelsburger Weg, west of Buschkamp and B 5 and north of the tree nursery with the B-Plan 99 “Lehmkuhlen”. Areas of 32,565 square meters are being marketed. For orientation see the overview map. The basic price is €56/sqm plus the development costs and the sewer house connection costs and contributions. The exact list can be found below:

Area 1 in sub-development area 1 north of Schleswiger Chaussee is a 23,865 square meter GE area. If possible, the area should be marketed in one piece. The price includes Sewer house connection costs and contributions € 1,412,026.92 or € 59.17 per sqm.

Three further GE areas are offered south of Schleswiger Chaussee, adjacent to the mixed-use area, in sub-development area 8. Area 2 is 1,000 square meters, area 3 is 2,280 square meters and area 3 is 3,060 square meters. The fully developed purchase price for plot 2 is €88,891.92 or €88.89 per sqm, for plot 3 €193,238.80 or €84.75 per sqm and for plot 4 €256,825.18 or €83.93 per sqm.

In addition, two areas of 1,180 square meters each (areas 5 and 6) are offered in the mixed-use area in sub-development area 5. However, the areas can also be marketed in one piece, so that a plot of 2,360 square meters would then be available. The fully developed purchase price for plot 5 is € 141,507.17 or € 119.92 per sqm and for plot 6 € 103,844.18 or € 88.00 per sqm

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Development status

The development has been completed to such an extent that construction is possible immediately. The purchase agreement will contain a provision that development must take place promptly.

The degree of development can be found in the property description in this exposé.

There are also notary fees, land transfer tax, surveying costs and internal development costs.

Information on buildability

Available immediately. The development will be carried out in accordance with the development plan no. 99 of the city of Husum (see annex).

Partial development area 1 (area 1), GE area: GRZ = 0.8 and GH = max. 18m.

Partial development area 8 (areas 2, 3 and 4), GE areas: GRZ = 0.8 and GH = max. 10m.

Partial development area 5 (areas 5 and 6), MI areas: GRZ = 0.6 and GH = max. 11m.


  • The basic price is €56/sqm plus the development costs and the sewer house connection costs and contributions. The exact list can be found in the property description in this exposé.
  • The information given in this exposé about the property is based on the information and documents provided by the owner.
  • The services of Wirtschaftsförderungsgesellschaft Nordfriesland are non-binding and free of charge for buyers and sellers.
  • Business investment projects can be subsidized under certain conditions – please contact us.
  • You can also find an overview of our commercial properties on Immowelt.

Regional financing partners

Profilbild Björn Fischer

VR Bank Nord Björn Fischer

Head of Corporate Clients North Friesland for the Niebüll, Bredstedt, Süderlügum, Leck area

Profilbild Ocke Rickertsen

VR Bank Westküste Ocke Rickertsen

Head of Corporate Clients North Friesland for the Husum, Viöl and Sankt Peter Ording area

Profilbild Marcus Utech

Nord-Ostsee Sparkasse Marcus Utech

Head of Corporate Clients North Friesland